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Dietary Supplements are the manufactured product intended to supplement the diest when taken as a capsule, Pill, tablet or liquid. Nutritional Supplements provide nutrients either from extraction from sources or synthetic, individually or in combination, to improve the quality of their consumption. Dietary Supplement contains minerals, vitamins, botanicals, herbs, enzymes, amino acid, and some other dietary ingredients.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements

How to Take Dietary Supplements in Right Way?

Everyone purchase vitamins and other dietary supplements with the aim to improve their health. But all the supplements available in the market are not sufficient. And sometimes the nutritional supplements don’t work well when we take them without any routine. They are readily accessible in local drug stores and pharmacy. But you shouldn’t use them without consulting the doctor. They don’t work effectively if we take them in own way. If you are suffering from a different disease or using other medicines, you should supplement them without consulting to the doctor. These supplements can cross-react with other medications that you are using and can cause serious health problems.

Types of Dietary Supplements

  • Dietary Vitamins

Vitamin is an organic compound which is vital for a living organism. Usually, an organic chemical compound is called vitamin when it can’t be synthesized in sufficient quantity by a body. The Vitamins are generally obtained from the diet. There are some advantages of vitamins which taken as a dietary supplement.

  • Dietary Minerals

The mineral is vital chemical elements for living organism. These four minerals, i.e., hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon, are crucial for us but are such ubiquitous food and in a drink that these are not considered as nutrients, and there are no recommended intakes for these as a mineral. There are many other vital minerals like potassium, chlorine, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, iodine, cobalt and many more. The different minerals are found in different dietary supplements. Such as Sulpher is provided in a dietary supplement called Taurine.

  • Proteins and Amino Acid

Supplements containing protein, ready to drink or can be mixed in water which is marketed as the best solution to increase the protein requirements. Protein is considered the essential ingredient but these supplements also contain soy, pea, hemp or rice protein. Proteins are the chain of amino acid, and nine proteinogenic amino acid is considered as the vital for humans. They can’t get produce from other compounds by our body, so it’s essential to consume them as food.

  • Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements are commonly used supplements by the peoples involved in bodybuilding, athletics, weightlifting and some other activities. The primary purpose of using bodybuilding supplements is to boost lean body mass, increase weight, increase muscle and overall body performance. They are also used to decrease the body fat. The most common bodybuilding supplements are essential fatty acid, amino acids, high protein drinks, HMB and weight loss products too.

  • Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty Acid are the strings of carbon atoms having a different range of lengths.  If it has a single link, then it’s known as saturated if double rings then are known as monosaturated and if it contains two or more than tow double bonds then its called polyunsaturated. Fish oil is one of the most used fatty acid supplement.

  • Natural Products

Dietary supplements are also manufactured utilizing natural products like plants, animals, fungi, algae and many more. The use of herbal supplements is times higher than other supplements. In the United States, only the sales of Natural supplements in 2016 was more than $7.5 billion, and it’s increasing over 7% by every year.

  • Probiotics

Probiotics supplements help us to consume specific live bacteria or yeast species orally. In human beings, the large intestine contains more than 1,000 types of microorganism and bacterias. They are more than trillions in number. Most of the probiotics supplements claim to provide different health benefits like helping to improve gastrointestinal health, lower the risk of diarrhea, boost immune health and many more. Usually, Probiotics supplements are safe; everyone can consume it without any problems.

Benefits of Dietary Supplements

  • Dietary supplements containing antioxidants like Vitamin C and E help to boost the Athletic Performance
  • Most of the dietary supplements containing proteins help to gain weight
  • Some dietary supplements contribute to treating Diabetes
  • Nutritional supplements containing vitamin B are widely used as a treatment of Depression
  • Dietary supplements rich in iron are used for the treatment of Anemia
  • The dietary supplements rich in folic acid and some other minerals are advantageous for pregnant women
  • Dietary supplements containing Biotin helps to boost hair growth
  • Dietary supplement with Vitamin C and E helps to cut down the risk of cancer. They help to promote the skin health.

List of Popular Dietary Supplements

  1. Calcium
  2. Chromium
  3. Cranberry
  4. Fish Oil
  5. Green Tea
  6. Magnesium
  7. Milk Thistle
  8. Vitamin B3
  9. Omega-3, fatty acid
  10. Valerian
  11. Vitamin C
  12. Zinc
  13. Vitamin A

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