How long does caffeine last? That you Must Know

Have you ever wonder what your morning coffee does to you?  How long caffeine help you to stay awake? What does caffeine do to your sleep? How does caffeine metabolize in the body?

Today in this article we are discussing the effects of caffeine on your health, sleep, and behaviors.


Caffeine is an alkaloid that is a stimulant of the central nervous system. People are all over people are consuming caffeine in their beverage as a habit and keeping themselves wake. Nowadays people are very busy in their life. They tend to work late night and consuming caffeine is the easiest way to help them keeping wake.

People generally believe caffeine can be consumed from your coffee. But is not entirely true. Caffeine can be consumed from products besides coffee which includes

  • Soft drinks
  • Cocoa beans
  • Black and green tea
  • Chocolate
  • Energy drinks

    How long does caffeine last

    How long does caffeine last

Some medicaments

Sometimes people consume caffeine knowing and unknowingly through their foods. It changes their entire sleep pattern and behavior.

Caffeine addiction is another problem that people face who consume excessive caffeine. Sometimes people use caffeine to get relax.

The effects of caffeine tend to reach its peak level after consumption of caffeine for 30 to 60 minutes. People tend to get alert taking their coffee after half an hour.

According to research data, the half-life of caffeine is predicted five hours. It means that after five hours half of the caffeine consumed is metabolized to show their effect.

How does caffeine affect your sleep?

Caffeine is the type of drug that keeps alertness. It tends to block adenosine receptors.  Adonis is a substance which makes sleep more and more. By blocking receptor of that particular substance that causes us to sleep, a cup of coffee helps to keep our awake.

Caffeine also stimulates the central nervous system. It helps to keep you alert and wake. Consuming about 40 to 180 milligrams of caffeine is harmful to the human body.

But daily consumption of caffeine develops tolerance effect in human body. So the consumption of caffeine must be increased. It affects the sleep and makes restless by keeping you up all night.

How long does caffeine stay in breastmilk?

Scientists and health professionals have recommended the pregnant mother to avoid consumption of caffeine as, much as possible. It can have negative impacts on babies health.

People believe that it is safe to drinks cups of coffee in a day as it does not affect your baby. However, caffeine intake during breastfeeding can affect your baby. Caffeine can pass through breast milk. Research has shown that about 1 percent caffeine you consume can pass through breast milk which very high amounts for infants. Not only caffeine, soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolate also has caffeine. So it is best to avoid these products as far as possible during breastfeeding.

Caffeine can destroy sleep of infants that they consume from breast milk. As infants need to a large hour of rest for their physical and mental growth, the caffeine consumed from rest will keep them awake. It might affect health and entire growth of your babies.

Caffeine takes about one hour to show its effects. So breastfeeding should be done between one hour of taking coffee or drink or any products that contain caffeine.

How long does caffeine withdrawal last?

Caffeine withdrawal can be an overwhelming task if you are consuming caffeine products on a daily basis. Your body might show a reaction to caffeine withdrawal which includes

A headache



But after the caffeine withdrawal process for 48 hours, the body does not crave for caffeine ant more and also does not show effects associated with caffeine withdrawal.

However, it is best to consume less caffeine in a day rather involving caffeine withdrawal process.

How long does caffeine affect blood pressure?

Caffeine cause short but the sudden effect of increasing blood pressure. However, it is not sure how it elevates blood pressure in a short period.

Some researchers believe that caffeine antagonizes the hormone that causes widening effects on a blood vessel. But other believes that caffeine cause adrenal gland to secrete its hormone adrenaline. It causes narrowing of blood vessels and elevates blood pressure. Adrenaline is considered as fear and fight hormone. This hormone elevates blood pressure when a person is in a fight or fear.

How long does coffee last?

People consume a large amount of caffeine from heir coffee than other drinks and products. Eight ounces of coffee contains about 150 milligrams of caffeine. But caffeine concentration in other drinks and products is much low compared to coffee.

Coffee can kick start increasing blood pressure after one hour of drinking. Coffee takes about five hours to reach half. Half amount of caffeine consumed through coffee is metabolized for five hours. Other remaining caffeine take more time to get out of the system.

Consuming more 200 milligrams of caffeine might show health problems like rapid blood pressure, insomnia, diarrhea. It might also long time get out of body system.

Bottom line

Consumption of caffeine might help you to keep awake and increases for a working time. But overconsuming it might also show tolerance and health effects. It is best to take caffeine when it is only required in a low amount. But caffeine should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

People need rest for the proper functioning of the body and growth. Hence consuming caffeine to keep you awake on a daily basis might be the best way to go about.

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